Identifier Management

The User see all the Keyword and Identifier combination’s on the account in the Identifier Management section.

The User can add as many Identifiers to a Keyword as they need by:

  • Clicking on, ‘Add New Identifier’
  • Select Keyword
  • Enter New Identifier Name
  • Select the Contact you wish the Identifier to be forwarded to,
  • Enable or disable E-Mail notifications
  • Decide whether you want to set up an, ‘Auto Response’
  • Type Name,├é┬áNumber or Department you want the message to be Response from,
  • Type or Paste your Message into Response Content,
  • Decide whether the Inbound and Outbound Messages will be confidential, if so, click on, ‘Hide Mobile Number’ and or ‘Hide Messages’ in reporting section.
  • Check all the details,
  • Click, ‘Save’.

Keyword and Identifier List:

Keywords, Identifier, Forwarding To, and Date Created combinations on the account in the Identifier Management section. User can also Add, Edit, Update, and Delete Identifier.

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